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The Good Ole' Days of Redneck Ingenuity

At our Redneck General Store, we remember the original Rednecks, who  bravely sought freedom in the arms of America and sacrificed their lives to built and keep it.

Those early settler's didn't have electricity, municipal water systems, fast food or pharmaceuticals. But they had plenty of faith, tenacity and an internal Redneck Ingenuity to solve all manner of problems for themselves and their neighbors. 

Here at the Redneck General Store, we still believe that a man's word should be his bond  And instead of creating eye popping graphics and a razzle dazzle web presence, we'll invest our energies into creating and finding products to help make you healthier and more secure - and maybe save a life. 

One of our most important products is our 25 year shelf life Redneck Wilderness Freeze Dried Food. You may already have a gnaw in your spirit about the multiplicity of events that could wreck havoc on your ability to feed your family.  We believe there's coming a time when food will be your money. so our Redneck Wilderness Freeze Dried Food provides something that no one else does.

We're created the " As Good as Gold"  pricing label on our Redneck Wilderness Food pouches. You'll see the value of your food in dollars, as well as silver and gold grains. As inflation rises, so does your investment. When famine comes to America, you won't be able to break up a silver or gold coin. But you will be able to barter with your Redneck Wilderness  " As Good as Gold"  food. And that will be your money. .

 Of course, it's not just long term food storage that we offer here at the Redneck General Store. There are health remedies, a  battery operated 12 Volt system for lighting and cooking, solar panels and more.

As we grow, more products will be added, provided they meet our stringent Redneck standard. We're here to help you, and we'll grow as you help us. 

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