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It's Good As Gold

Severe weather events, pest infestations, topsoil degredation and loss of the grid are only a few of the potential scenarios that can lead to food shortages, and, in the worst case, famine.

Today's younger generation are not aware of Stalin's "collectivization policies that led to a genocidal famine in the Ukraine in the early 1930s.   And these same practices were instigated by Mao Zedong in China, where it is believed that up to 45  million Chinese died from starvation

As students of Biblical prophecy, we know a time is coming where no man can buy or sell, unless an image is given to the beast. In a world of selfies, cell phones and the onslaught of biometric authentication and crypto currenties, we understand that this experience may arrive sooner than later. 

Our herloom seeds and Redneck Wilderness Freeze Dried Food are labeled wtih a very important distinction - "Its Good As Gold." 

You will see the prices in dollars, silver grains and gold grains. This label means that your food and seed will be easily tradable for those items you may need, when the time comes.  And with the calculators below, you can keep track of just how much more valuable these items will become. 

SIlver Grains Calculator 

Gold Grains Calculator

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