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Redneck Wilderness Freeze Dried Food

Nutritious, Hearty and So Much More    

Our Redneck Wilderness Freeze Dried Food is sealed tight enough to last up to 25 years. You get five pouches, filled with two servings each of Pasta Primavera, Enchilada Beans and Rice, Creamy Vegetables and Rice Soup, Sweet Habanero Chili with Pineapple and Pasta Primavera. And they are shipped in a  discreet camouflage cinched sack to tuck away, take on a journey, or take out of your pantry for tonight's dinner.    Order yours today!

It's Good As Gold!   ORDER YOURS TODAY!

Redneck Wilderness Freeze Dried Food displays the Gold Seal Redneck Standard of Excellence, along with a price tag that shows you the value of your food investment in dollars, as well as gold and silver grains.    As inflation rises, you'll see the value of your investment increase. That's why we call our Redneck Wilderness Food, " It's Good As Gold." 

 Ten Meals for $39.95. An Incredible Value!  Order Yours Today!

One Redneck Wilderness Freeze Dried Food camouflage cinch sack contains five pouches with two delicious meals for a total of ten delicious entrees. Two cups of water are needed for one serving.  Heat and stir occasionally for about fifteen minutes. 

Your Food Will Be Your Money.  Order Yours Today!

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