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What is a Redneck?

Today’s definition of Redneck is far removed from its 1638 origins. That was the year our Scottish ancestors prayed, proclaimed and penned a National Covenant against the tyranny of England’s King Charles I,  a Vatican minion who believed in the divine right of Kings.  Here’s a taste of that world changing Covenant - written by the original Rednecks, who called upon their Almighty Creator for help to stand against the beast.

We detest and defuse the usurped authority of the Roman Antichrist upon the Scriptures of God . . . all his tyrannous laws . . . his erroneous doctrine . . .  his five bastard sacraments; his devilish mass; his blasphemous priesthood; his canonization of men, worshipping of imagery, relics, and crosses; his holy water, baptizing of bells, conjuring of spirits,  his worldly monarchy and wicked hierarchy . . . “  

Nearly 400 years ago, these Covenanters - the original Rednecks - signed their name is blood and wrapped  red bandanas round their necks.  They did not fear men, they feared their Creator and sought his help in the fight against tyranny. 

 Today’s Redneck, like those in 1638, understand that the battle is spiritual, not carnal. And that when a wise man sees evil, he prepares in every way possible  in order to build a nest of protection for their families and friends. 

Are you Redneck?   So are we.   Thanks for visiting The Redneck General Store. We’re here to help, not just physically, but spiritually as well. .

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