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Redneck Emergency Gear

No one knows the day or the hour, but in your bones you know it's inevitable. The grid is going to fail.

This means no running water and no refrigeration. Suddenly washing your hands and flushing the toilet is a luxury. You may have already experienced an extreme weather event, when your refrigerator and water systems weren't available for a few days.  Perhaps you got by with candles, flashlights, bottled water, cans of tuna, beans and rice, crackers and granola. But what about a longer term power outage? We say, the simpler the technology, the better. 

Redneck ingenuity is a common thread in our survival gear. 

Check our our Universal  !2 Volt Emergency Trunk Line with Battery and Charger, the Redneck Storm Ready 2000 Solar Generator, Redneck Wilderness Freeze Dried Food Pouches and water pumping and purification systems and more.

We're happy to discuss which system would be best for your personal need. And we'll also  be on the lookout to offer other excellent products that  pass the Redneck test for value, ease of use and durability. For off grid assistance, call our technical line at 856 776 1176.

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