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Full Redneck Product Line

Thank you for visiting the Redneck General Store, where we believe that a man's word should be his bond. And that goes for the women and children too. Our storefront may not be as fancy as all those other online stores, and there's a very good reason for that. 

Instead of concentrating on fancy web pages and hifalutin graphics, our priority is to put the work of our hands - and a bit of redneck ingenuity - to invent products that just might save your life. ,or at the very least, keep you a bit happier, healthier and more prepared when those momentous winds of change begin a blowing. 

We don't despise small beginning, and neither should you.

As we grow, we'll be adding other items that meet our Redneck Ready standards. If you've got any ideas, make sure you contact us.

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