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Honoring My Father & Mother

Honoring My Father & Mother

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This 100 page memoir was triggered by the miraculous power of Yahwah and the supernatural events that took place as Redneck Nana Samm's mother was ushered into eternity. 

" I had the privilege of being with her and laying her body to rest as it should be - intact, whole, no embalming, no cremation, no funeral industry chemicals, body plugs, wires, glues or make up. The story grew much larger than a descriptive narrative; it morphed into a take of my idyllic childhood, seen through the lens of America's self-destruction and its fall from grace." 

Please take note. This book comes with the following trigger warning.

You may be exposed to difficult or uncomfortable topics in the pages ahead.  At the time of this writing, these topics were not yet banned. You are under no obligation to believe what I have written. But, while an assemblance of freedom to think independently still exists, I urge you to do your own research until all books are banned and the internet is fully sanitized by big tech.