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VITA-MYR Herbal Toothpaste with COQ10 and Xylitol

VITA-MYR Herbal Toothpaste with COQ10 and Xylitol

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Keep Teeth Squeaky Clean with VITA-MYR Herbal Toothpaste

It was fun as a child to lose a tooth or two, cause we knew a new "permanent" replacement was on the way. But life happens, and sometimes those permanment teeth aren't so permanent. But if we're fortunate enough to have some left, why not nurture them with VITA-MYR Herbal Toothpaste with COQ10 and Xylitol?  

No Fluoride.No Aspartame. No Sugar. 

It's safe for all ages and has the extra cavity fighting power of COQ10 and Xylitol. There's also Myrhh extract, Zinc, Clove oil and a few more ingredients.  The taste is just right and it's soothing on the gums.  More importantly, it helps prevent plaque and promote healthy gums

Chewing Is a Wonderful Thing. 

Rednecks never take chewing for granted. Taking care of our choppers is essential and VITA-MYR Herbal Toothpaste will help!

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